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Welcome back to CBD: The drip! CBD continues to be all the craze, and it amazes me how much money people are willing to spend on CBD products without actually understanding what CBD is. For this week’s drip we have gathered our 5 most common questions that we receive from customers. We will be talking about What CBD does, How you consume CBD, How much CBD you should take, What you feel when using CBD, and the difference between our 500mg, 1000mg and 2500mg oil. If you are new to CBD, I would highly recommend checking out our Beginner’s Guide first

 What does CBD do?

This is a question we receive all too often, What does CBD actually do? At its most simplest explanation, CBD works to maintain homeostasis, balance, within your body. Every day you are exposed to external stressors that take a toll on your body; stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, inflammation, injury, disease etc. CBD works to keep everything balanced and in check so that these external stressor do not over take you. One of the most influential mechanisms of CBD is its ability to fight inflammation. Inflammation is your bodies first response to all injury and disease, so this is one attribute that makes CBD so powerful. There are many, many therapeutic benefits to CBD, but one of the greatest things about CBD is not necessarily what you feel while taking CBD but rather what you don’t feel. CBD has an uncanny ability in replenishing your Endocannabinoid system, in turn allowing you to feel your best and operate at your best.

How do you take CBD?

There are a few different ways to consume CBD, some being better than others. My best advice to you is to drop your CBD oil directly under your tongue, give it 30secs or so to absorb, and then wash it down with a swig of water. This is considered to be one of the best methods because under your tongue is your Sublingual Gland. Essentially you are dropping the oil directly onto your gland, giving it 30secs to be absorbed. This method sends the CBD directly into your bloodstream, creating a higher bioavailability – which simply means the most possible CBD is entering your bloodstream and being used by your body.

You can also consume CBD by dropping a few drops in your morning coffee, tea, or smoothie – however it is important to understand that you are receiving less CBD by doing this. This method allows the CBD to enter your body through your digestive tract which your body then metabolizes, expelling some as waste. This method of consumption tends to have one of the lowest bioavailability’s – meaning although you are consuming the same dosage, your body actually has less CBD to work with.

Lastly, CBD oil is also great to apply directly to your skin. Your skin is your largest organism and has CB receptors. Throughout my life I have struggled with Eczema and when the weather changes it seems to flare up. I have found relief by applying just a few drops directly onto the skin and rubbing it in. For that, CBD oil is extraordinary, whether you’re looking for relief from redness, inflammation, flare up, dry skin, or just wanting to look and feel your best – CBD oil does the most.

How much CBD should I take?

This is by far our number one most heard question! How much CBD should you take? First please understand, we are not doctors. We do highly recommend talking to your doctor as you introduce CBD into your daily routine. Here is what we can say; most clinical studies stay within 20-1500mg dosage range. I know, this is a HUGE range! So when it comes to dosing, you should always remember everyone is different, from their body composition to the location and density of their CB receptors, so what works for me may not necessarily work best for you. Here are a couple things to consider when dosing; your weight, what you are treating, and the concentration of CBD in the product you are trying. If your doctor is not able to recommend a starting dose for you, then I would suggest starting low around 20-40mg for the first week and gradually increasing your dose 5-10mg until you find relief and feel your dose is effectively treating your symptoms. During this trial phase it would be worthwhile to record your dosage as well as how you feel; how was your mood, your sleep, your appetite, overall how did you feel that day? For those of you suffering from extreme or chronic pain, I would consider starting your dosage at 50mg, gradually increasing after 1 week until you find relief.  Additionally, you can always check out ClinicalTrials.gov if you are looking for more dosing information around a specific ailment. The good thing to note here is that you can’t overdose on CBD, it is not possible to take “too much” – as there are little to no side effects of using CBD. When it comes to CBD, the scariest thing actually is using a “fake” CBD product. Always be sure to purchase from reputable brands who third party test all of their products, and openly share these test results with you.

Does CBD get you high?

No! CBD doesn’t make you feel high or stoned, so what do you feel? It’s a great question – and it’s a little tough to define because everybody is different. Personally, I feel relaxed, my body is at ease, my mind feels calm, and I am able to get a good night’s rest. Most people will feel the same but underneath the bliss, most importantly your body’s endocannabinoid system is being nourished – meaning our bodies began to work properly and self-regulate our mood, digestion, sleep, immune response – everything that keeps us balanced and feeling our best.

This self-regulation is why so many people have reported success using CBD oil, despite each defining success differently. So although you may smile more from feeling your best – No, you will not feel high using CBD oil. 

Why do all your products say CBD oil but pricing is different?

This is also a great question we receive! Our CBD oil comes in three different concentrations; 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg – all three products are 30ml (1oz). Our 2500mg oil retails at $150, this is our highest, most potent concentrate. Most would consider 1ml a single serving (30ml bottle = 30 servings) each serving contains 83mg of CBD. 2500mg/30 servings=83mg of CBD per 1ml serving. Cost wise, this breaks down to $0.06 per mg of CBD.

Our 1000mg oil, would break down to 33mg per serving, and each mg of CBD cost about $0.08.

Lastly, our 500mg which is about 17mg per serving at $0.10 per mg of CBD. The awesome thing to remember as well, is if you do purchase the 2500mg oil, but don’t always need that high of a dose then you are able to conserve product (and save money!) by taking a smaller serving size, while still receiving the same amount of CBD your body needs.

I hope you enjoyed todays read, if your curious in learning more about CBD and what it feels like, I recommend reading CBD: Will I Get High?. Also, these are just some of the most common questions we receive, but not all! So if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! You can find us on all social media @OrganixSupplyCo or email us at Info@organixsupplyco.com. Much love.

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