5 Ways To Use CBD Oil

5 Ways To Use CBD Oil

Hot Topic: Let’s Talk CBD!

Recently I’ve been adding CBD into my wellness routine and have found it useful in so many different ways! CBD has definitely become a hot topic and has been popping up everywhere. I’ve been hearing more about the magic of CBD and its healing properties without the effects of THC, but sometimes it felt like a totally foreign language when navigating through all the different facts before I really started using it! So I wanted to share my real experience with you, my favorite brand, and how I use it!

When searching for a CBD oil, it’s important to remember that not all CBD oil is created equally. You should look for a high-quality CBD oil without fillers. That’s why I love Organix Supply Co. products- I know that I can trust their ingredients. Each bottle and batch is tested by a third party for quality and has no genetically modified organisms.

So what’s the difference between CBD and Marijuana? If you are new to CBD oil, it is derived from the hemp plant and is manufactured less than .3% THC meaning it won’t make you high. To give you a reference point of the percentage marijuana contains, there is upwards of 15-30% THC. One of the great things is that CBD does not alter your state of mind, but still has so many great benefits!

When my Organix Supply Co. CBD oil arrived in the mail, it came in a really cute box with awesome packaging, a dropper, and an explanation card of how to use the product.


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5 ways to Use CBD Oil


You know those nights where it’s so hard to turn off your brain and you want to just solve all the world’s problems? I also have a really bad habit of being on my phone right before I try to go to sleep which makes it even more difficult to go to sleep! Taking some drops of CBD helps put my mind at a place of ease and gets me to unwind! It has helped me regulate my sleep routine and get a better REM cycle.


There are some days when I have 1583 tabs open in my brain or on my desktop and I feel like I need to take my stress level down a few notches. CBD make me more relaxed, almost like at a neutral state, without feeling weird or out of it.

Stomach Cramps

CBD helps reduce the pain and bloating of stomach discomfort and those “times of the month”. It is a godsend for cramps and helps reduce the pain. It also helps with some other symptoms like decreasing irritability, improving sleep, and inflammation!


CBD helps reduce inflammation which is why this is such a great product for acne! Not only does it help with the inflammation of the skin but it also regulates the overactive oil glands. If you experience acne, you can either apply some CBD topically on your face to the area or orally.


You can also apply to any other inflammed or irritated areas topically for pain. It is a great natural alternative to prescription medications. It helps ease your body and mind so it helps take your mind off of the pain as well!

Final tips

There are many forms of CBD, but my favorite way is just putting the oil underneath my tongue and waiting 20 seconds before swallowing or drinking water. I use the CBD with 1,000 mg. Organix Supply Co. CBD comes in a bottle that is well-sealed with a dropper so it makes the oil easy to use. The oil does have a distinct taste that not everyone likes so if you don’t like taking it straight up, you can also put some CBD in your coffee or tea.

It is best to store your CBD oil in a cool, dark, dry place and use within one year of the manufacture date.

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Let me know your thoughts and your favorite ways to use CBD below!


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