CBD Oil Review: Organix Supply Company

CBD Oil Review: Organix Supply Company

October 23, 2019
Organix Supply CBD oil review


Figuring out where to buy CBD oil can be tough. The internet is flooded with CBD brands, making it an expensive and time-consuming project to find the best. Since we love making your lives easier, we’ve been on a quest for the best CBD oil products to test out and recommend. 

We’ve dedicated this week to trying out Organix Supply Company’s 1,000mg, full spectrum, CBD oil. While trying out this product we took a few things into consideration. Those include: The brand, their website, the hemp, the feel, and taste of the CBD oil, the packaging, the overall experience. Here’s what we found. 

Organix Supply CBD oil review

The Brand

Based out of California, Organix Supply focuses on supplying top quality products at affordable prices. 

They’re committed to environmental sustainability, which is why they only partner with those who take care of the environment too. This brother and sister duo believe that it’s only a matter of time before hemp products are widely accepted and understood. They’ve built their brand around honesty, transparency, and community so that they can deliver incredible products while helping to push the industry into normalcy. 

The Website

Why am I rating the website of this CBD company? Well, because a website matters. It’s important that a company has a professional website that’s easy to navigate, secure, and provides all the necessary information about its products.

Don’t be fooled though, just because a company has a legitimate-looking website doesn’t mean that their products are quality. So make sure you do your due diligence. 

Anyway, back to the Organix Supply site. It was easy to navigate, had a lot of white space so it wasn’t overwhelming to look at, and provided the lab test result tool right on the top bar. They offered education about CBD and their products too. 

The Hemp

All of the hemp used in their products is grown in the United States. This hemp is sourced from farmers who use organic, pesticide-free, and Non-GMO growing practices. 

The Look, Feel, & Taste

The branding on the bottle of CBD oil is simple and professional. They use coconut oil in the mixture, which is clearly indicated on the label. There are also clear directions for how to use the product, and a 0.3% THC label which is also clearly placed.

I took the oil under my tongue and found it to be light and not too oily or thick. It smelled and tasted like hemp, but the flavor was not too strong and wasn’t offensive to me at all. 

Organix Supply CBD oil review

The Packaging

The CBD oil came in a small cardboard box with the company branding. It was simple but professional. Organix Supply purposely keeps their packaging small and minimalistic to prevent excess waste.

There was no excess plastics used in the packaging and the box was filled with paper instead of packing peanuts or bubble wrap. They also included a helpful card that explained the dosing and how to take the oil. 

The Overall Experience 

Overall, I really enjoyed using this product. I tested it out for a little over a week, taking the oil sublingually a few times a day. My bottle contained 1,000mg of CBD and the most I took at one time was three dropper’s full. Each full dropper is 33.3mg of CBD so that was a total of 99.9mg.

While you don’t typically feel the effects of CBD in small to moderate doses, I did have one night in particular where I thought it made a noticeable difference. This was after taking 99.9mg on an evening I was feeling particularly anxious and battling with obsessive worries.

I struggle with anxiety and worry on a daily basis and sometimes take Ativan to help with this. I was considering taking an Ativan but opted for this dose of CBD oil instead. It was about 30 minutes later that I noticed I hadn’t been thinking worrisome thoughts and didn’t feel as on-edge as I was earlier. I also fell asleep quickly and stayed in a deep sleep all night. 

I had a good experience with the CBD oil from Organix Supply. I was particularly happy with the mild taste and the environmentally conscious packaging. If you’re interested in trying out this CBD oil for yourself, use our discount code, MissM20 when making your purchase

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